Special Projects

God has certainly blessed us and these grounds! We constantly praise Him for His faithfulness and the faithfulness of His people who so willingly gave of time, energy, mind, and money. Thank you!


  • The Charles A. Dayton (CAD) Chapel is going to have a transformation soon! God has spoken and people have responded in giving toward a new roof! It has been paid for in full! We will soon have a new green metal roof and the Lord willing, no leaks! Thank you, Lord!


  • The Little Chapel has been on quite a few hearts to renovate. We are thrilled with how much work has been accomplished in a little over a year! 
    Soon we'll have some photos to post for your viewing pleasure. 
  • The RV Park and eastside Septic system have been another large undertaking. Many of hours have gone into laying new water, electric, and sewer lines, along with new posts! Our newly renovated park can hold at least six RVs. There are more spots to be created!
  • The Perry Motel has always had an issue with poor drainage. We were able to contract a gentleman from downstate who had the right equipment to create a drench for us and we were able to lay new drainage pipes away from the motel and hook into our existing drainage system.